Our assistance in strategy and planning is based on economic value chain analysis applied to the different aspects of planning: policy review, intangible valuations, licensing, global costs allocations, business combinations & restructurings.

Our services portfolio on TP strategy and strategic planning is based on the production of pragmatic solutions, based on sound economic analysis, that are aligned with the main objectives of the Finance and Tax Departments. We develop solutions that incorporate risk management elements and that are connected to operational transfer pricing considerations.

We can provide you with economic insights in the following areas of Strategic TP and Policy:

  • Policy definition and financial modelling
  • Policy diagnostic, threats and opportunities
  • Value Chain analysis for the purposes of policy definition and validation but as well for communication purposes
  • Intellectual Property: transfer pricing valuation support, consideration for Purchase Price Allocations to IP in the context of acquisitions
  • Licensing and Cost Sharing Agreements: design, implementation and termination
  • Integrations of acquired businesses: gap analysis, interim policies and operating model alignments
  • Business Restructuring Operations
  • Intercompany financing
  • Management Fees / Allocation of Global or Central costs
  • Economic review of Benchmarks
  • Pre-controversy analysis and scenario analysis

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a more specific project you want to talk to us about.

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