Philippe PAUMIER

With an education in France’s tier 1 business school (ESCP EUROPE) and in Development Economics and Project Appraisal, Philippe successively joined Sanofi Synthelabo and GE Healthcare as TP manager and Global TP manager. In Sanofi since 2005, Philippe overtook in 2010 the role of Global Head of TP, leading the internal TP practice of Sanofi comprised of more than a dozen, overseeing the strategy and the intercompany operations globally and directly managing the main TP controversy files of the Group.


Such positions, in companies that rely extensively on internal resources for TP matters, have provided Philippe with hands on experience Economic advisory in Transfer Pricing such as:

  • Strategy definition and Policy proposals with sophisticated scenario analysis
  • TP aspects of Intangibles (valuation of internally developed IP, PPA vs. TP valuations, acquisitions and integrations, Royalty determinations, Cost Sharing Agreements)
  • Lead direct negotiations of bilateral and unilateral APAs in 7 countries
  • TP aspects of business integrations and disposals
  • Value Chain driven Master File and local file designs and implementation
  • Country by Country Reporting, risk assessment and communication
  • Management Fees and Corporate Costs models
  • Direct involvement -including with the tax administrations- on TP audits in more than 20 jurisdictions
  • Advocacy (French and foreign tax administrations, OECD) on Transfer Pricing
  • Project Management

Over the years, Philippe has accumulated field experience in the management and negotiation of TP aspects of controversy and planning in a large number of jurisdictions. A sample can be found here.


In addition, Philippe has an extensive experience on operational transfer pricing and in the management of the typical internal interfaces between transfer pricing and companies’ operations, Transfer Pricing beyond TAX:

  • Operational transfer pricing and interfaces with the financial systems of the company (computation, validation, SOX controls)
  • High profile stakeholder management (Finance and Treasury, Supply Chain, Industrial, R&D among others)
  • Risk management and external Auditors
  • Board management
  • Financing aspects of TP
  • Customs and foreign exchange control agencies
  • Organizational aspects and Governance on End to End transfer pricing

Philippe has been a frequent speaker in International Transfer Pricing conferences such as:

▪ TP Minds (London) ▪ Global TP Forum (Europe) ▪ BNA TP Conference (Paris) ▪ Global TP Forum (USA) ▪ CBI Pharma TP (USA) ▪ OECD Consultation on CSAs (Paris) ▪ OECD Brazil TP consultation (Brasilia)

In September 2019, Philippe launches VECTOR TP to provide clients with in-house forged know how on the management of intercompany transactions all through their lifecycle.

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