Solutions often emerge at the interface of different disciplines, Transfer Pricing is no exception.

Transfer Pricing is by nature a multidisciplinary area, and the success of a given solution depends more often than not on the ability to properly connect, combine and balance the different parameters that define a Transfer Pricing situation. Till the solution sounds in tune with its environment.

from data and facts, to patterns, to strategy

Connecting the parameters of a situation: financial and TP objective, technical difficulty, controversy potential, implementation sustainability, audit history, business compatibility and acceptance, critical path & decision making, data management & reliability, potential overspills, out of the box risk.

Most of these factors, as well as the knowledge of other areas such as Finance, Legal, Operations, Supply Chain or Controlling, are located within your teams, and we conceive our mission as a facilitator to consolidate them in sound decision making in sync with our technical proposal.

Virtually 20 years in Corporate Tax departments suggest that integrating all these factors and going the extra mile in terms of connectivity are key success factors.

While this approach is necessary for high end Transfer Pricing problems, other situations require a more pragmatic view, based on operational experience, provided the technical background is secured. Educated pragmatism used to avoid an overkill, and unnecessary costs.

As a small structure, we are very conscious of affordability and costs. Because we do not have the structure of big firms, our services are not adapted to mass production in areas like transfer pricing compliance for example. But because we do not have the structure, our prices are very competitive in all other areas of transfer pricing economics.

Reflecting gig economy patterns, and taking advantage of almost 20 years in the transfer pricing arena, we intend to work with a certain number of other independent advisors or individuals in established global firms we can vouch for and that can contribute in specific expertise you may need, either technical or geographical. We know what we don’t know.

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