Flexible forms of collaboration

Needs come in different shapes depending on the underlying issue to be solved, but also on the maturity of the organization and the resources it can devote to a given project or remediation action. Aware of that after almost 20 years in tax departments, our ambition is to be able to provide a range of collaboration forms as flexible as possible, building blocks that can easily be combined, and reshuffled.

Typical ADVISORY collaboration, project based, with regular touchpoints, presence as needed, and pricing based on actual hours spent with hourly rate. Can involve pure advice or solution generation depending on the needs.

TRUSTED ADVISOR : sitting with your team or tax leadership team to test ideas or provide TP insights, on a frequency to be defined (every two months, quarterly), invoiced on a fee basis (1 day preparation/1 day meetings). The main purpose is to serve as a tactical and technical sounding board. An innovative offer that combines high added value, limited time investment for clients and follow up, at a limited cost.

CO SOURCING: an embedded resource within your teams, on a full time basis for the period you need, sharing know-how while producing solutions within your teams. Invoiced on a fee basis per day, week or month. Can also be used to replace temporarily unavailable workforce / interim basis.

ADVOCACY: the ever-changing regulatory landscape has drastically increased the need for proactive and reactive advocacy initiatives. We can support tax departments in the preparation and fine tuning of such advocacy papers or technical positions vis à vis national and multilateral bodies.

TRAINING: because economics occupy a larger role in transfer pricing, we offer either general or technical trainings for your in-house finance and tax teams, customized to the needs of your organization and tailored to the audience (level of exposure to TP). Invoiced on a fee basis.

COACHING: most suitable for teams without dedicated Transfer Pricing teams, to provide support to tax directors or finance executives in the management of transfer pricing, within and beyond tax. We can support you in areas such as process design, change management, recruiting, etc.

Should you be interested in these collaboration forms or have a more specific need, please contact us.

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