We provide solutions to Finance and Tax departments on governance, process definition of intercompany transactions, documentation strategies, data management, to enhance the realization of TP policies and ensure its alignment with policies.

Operational Transfer Pricing goes beyond the simple realization of a TP and tax policy. It goes well beyond Tax because OTP is the projection of tax policies to Treasury, Consolidation, Performance, Supply Chain, Shared Services, Customs and of course, Operations. OTP benefits of unprecedented attention linked to the level of scrutiny, by tax administrations, but also by Internal and External auditors. Moreover, proactive compliance in OTP can provide significant benefits in governance, efficiency, while ensuring that the policy delivers the expected results.

While the area of OTP can cover a vast spectrum of activities, below are some examples of fields where we can support your organizations:

  • Diagnosis and recommendations on the efficiency of OTP considering Finance and Tax objectives: how granular is your OTP?
  • Definition and mapping of end to end (E2E) processes on intercompany transactions (pricing, TP adjustments, reporting and documentation)
  • Data management: risk assessment linked to data integrity and data processing, data granularity
  • Change management support
  • Transfer Pricing governance documents, including detailed procedures for SOX compliance
  • Integrations and disposals: project management to ensure that all operational aspects are covered
  • Stakeholder management: design of a policy document involving all stakeholders to determine common rules in the management of TP operations (reporting, supply chain, customs)
  • TP documentation process within OTP: compliance of data management and opportunities of automation

Please contact us if you feel there are segments of your OTP that can still be improved.

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